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This is freakin cray-cray!

The free fan giveaway to the 1st 40K fans on Ring Ceremony Day is selling for over $150 on eBay! It's gorgeous and a very heavy, well made piece of costume jewelry. It's nice that the team cared enough for their fans to provide such a nice promo item, and so many of them!

SF Giants 2012 World Series Championship Ring Replica SGA 4/7/2012

Giants thoughts

There should be a rule in baseball that if you grandstand and show off immediately after hitting a homer, the opposing team's pitcher should not be warned for plunking you the next at-bat. Carlos Gonzales, I'm looking right at you. I knew Barry Bonds (from the stands), and you Sir are no Barry Bonds. Quit acting like you think you are.

Hunter Pence is showing why the Astros and Phillies fans love and miss him. He has found his stroke... which sounds sketch unless you're a baseball fan. lol

Crawford's 3 run homer oppo was sick. Keep it up, kiddo!

Speaking of kiddos: Primo kindly informed me Sat. that I am old enough to be Barry Zito's mother. Really. And now there are players born in the 90's. I don't FEEL old.

If I see one more word about Sandoval's weight, that person is just being a bigoted poop breath. They always say nimble fluffy people are "light on their feet" when they carry themselves gracefully, but Panda really is. You do your thing, Panda, and screw the haters. He wasn't his usual smiling, laughing self yesterday. That made me sad.

Scutaro and el Guapo sure found their strokes last night! I love Pagan's team picture. He looks like he's doing "Blue Steel." lol!! Scutaro looks like a matador when he's at the plate, as does Romo when he's pitching, very focused and elegant.

Todd Helton's expression right before Romo struck the last Rockies player out was priceless Schadenfreude.

Feb. 26th, 2013

Being 18 is a LOT different. I miss my little bub a lot.

Feb. 25th, 2013

Some things never change.

Mercury is retrograde for the next few weeks, and we who were born with it retrograde are having one hell of a time. I swear to fucking God, giving a Sag a Mercury retrograde at birth is just cruel. Our foot is always in our fucking mouths anyway - you have to amplify it? Jeez. No fair.

"Sagittarius (Nov. 22 - Dec. 21)

When it comes to your home and family, you might feel tempted to crawl under a rock for the next three weeks in an effort to avoid as much domestic interaction as possible. With Mercury Retrograde in your 4th House of Home and Family, it's possible that you and a relative might have a disagreement or misunderstanding. Be extra careful to not make any promise you know you can't keep since there will be little tolerance from your clan. And if you're considering a move, avoid signing a new lease agreement and don't be so quick to give an offer on a house. You'll be at a decided disadvantage when it comes to negotiation until Mercury is back on track."

Spot on, unfortunately. :p

Feb. 19th, 2013

Gee, haven't written here in a while! Nothing of any interest to anyone but me has happened. lol That's my life and that's how it will stay until baseball next month. I've been riding my bike like a madwoman to get in shape for all the walking. Oh, I miss walking for pleasure so much!!!! Sometimes I have been all ready to link to something 10 yrs ago and it'll involve me walking around Spring Lake with Daisy, and then I start to cry and close the window. I miss that damn dog nearly as much as I miss my mobility.

I have lost a lot in 10 years. That's life, though, I guess. I've also been given a LOT and had a lot restored to me. Balance.

We ended up going to Oahu instead, and boy, do I NOT regret that decision! That's second only to my 1st trip to New Orleans as my absolute favorite vacation of the last 10 years. I was homesick when I left the islands. lol I would love to live there on the North Shore.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Does anyone still do these kinds of memes?

This song is how love feels to me. :)

The 49ers lost.

Baseball! :D

That Super Bowl loss hurt, but in some ways I'm glad the current crop of Niners fans know a taste of humble pie. There was no mercy for the Raiders fans after the game 10 years ago, and the Raiders didn't embarrass themselves during Hype Week with overt homophobia either. Instant karma is kind of a bastard.

One thing will never change, though. Just as reliably as we all face death and taxes, the sports media will always suck balls. lol I'm so tired of the east coast bias I could spit.

Feb. 2nd, 2013

The weather was a lot nicer 10 years ago! It's cold and was overcast most of the day today. Climate change seems to equal colder weather, at least in our microclimate. Yuck!

After tomorrow, again the dark times cometh... the dark, boring, stoked-ness free days between the end of football and the beginning of the baseball season. lol HOW CAN I SURVIVE... HOW... Don't really like basketball but I think that will change when the new stadium is built next to AT&T on the piers. I loved the Warriors in the early 90's, when Don Nelson coached and the stars were Chris Mullins & Gatling, Sarunas Marciulionis, Tim Hardaway, etc. I never missed a game on TV! Then came the great tragedy of Chris Webber and I washed my hands of basketball. That was so incredibly fucked up - I even hated Latrell Spreewell after the way they threw their weight around and showed no respect for their coaches or their teammates. Now basketball isn't as much of a team or family-oriented sport, due in large part to that gen of players.

I find myself not having much a dog in the super bowl fight. This probably means that I'll be acting like a Super Homer by the end of the 1st quarter. smh I never should have watched "ABC'S Wide World of Sports" in my formative years. To this day I am a sports fanatic and love watching x-games people eat shit. lol It's the real terminology of skating and dirt biking etc.: your anatomy flies through the air and then makes violent contact with something and/or the ground. That poor, poor skiing long jumper...

Feb. 1st, 2013

Got about five inches of hair cut off this morning and I no longer look like a crazy old witch or one of those people who fetishise their hair! lol Yay! :D Those dry ends really needed to go. It's still long, just not weirdly long.

Thanks to a recommendation from my beautiful curly haired daughter Alison, I get a Deva cut for people with curly (or in my case, wavy) hair. I'm so much happier with the end result. I CAN straighten it, but I don't WANT to. Grey hair is like me, it has a mind of its own and it's easiest just to work with it instead of trying to force it into being something else. Maybe that's why I like it... narcissism. :p

I can never coax the same amount of curl from my hair at home that the stylist can. I also don't have access to a salon bonnet-type hair dryer. I WANT ONE! lol It takes forever to let it dry naturally or with a diffuser on a blow dryer. Plus they remind me of being a kid and sitting on my mom's bed getting my hair dried inside one of those big ol' vinyl bonnet hair dryers from the 60's. They looked bizarre, but they were a lot easier on the hair than blow dryers.

bonnet hair dryer

Jan. 29th, 2013

The weather was a little, teenie bit like this today. Now I just call it "false spring," as it almost always prefaces a spell of crappy cold weather and precipitation. I know we need rain and snow for our water supply but I dislike it so much! I would dread spending most of the winter wet, chilled, and bedraggled. I did it one year and that was enough to convince myself. I almost always get a migraine when the barometer starts doing its thing, which is mostly when it's fixin' to rain, too.

I have had so much fun playing with this old Macbook today! I decided to sync my iPhun with it instead of the HP laptop - I use the Mac a lot more now, and I have all my music and movies on it - so I had to erase all the content on it and start over adding stuff. Spending the afternoon listening to all your favorite songs is not a bad way to live. ;)

I love this remix! I wish I could dance like I used to... it's one of the few times I wish I was back in my 20's. I read an awesome article about more women around my age choosing to both grey naturally and wear their hair long and loose this morning, and there's nothing like having your bias reinforced! lol I honestly don't understand why it's considered so verboten and ugly. Long, flowing silver hair can be ROCKED.